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44 Surveillance edit Many pools and designated bathing areas either have lifeguards, a pool safety camera system for local or remote monitoring, or computer-aided drowning detection. Breath holding in water should always be supervised by a second person, as by hyperventilating, one increases the risk of shallow water blackout because insufficient carbon dioxide levels in the blood fail to trigger the breathing reflex. Factors affecting probability of long term recovery with mild deficits or full function in young children include the duration of submersion, whether advanced life support was needed at the accident site, the duration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and whether spontaneous breathing. If not breathing, rescue ventilation is necessary. 30 During drowning, aspirated water enters the lung tissues, causes a reduction in alveolar surfactant, obstructs ventilation and triggers a release of inflammatory mediators which ultimately results in hypoxia. Y.; Alvarado,.; Anderson,. Archived from the original on lkerston, Peter (1829). Physiology of Breath-hold Diving. 7 In those whose heart is not beating and who have been underwater for less than an hour CPR is recommended. The exact mechanism for this effect has been debated and may be a result of brain cooling similar to the protective effects seen in people who are treated with deep hypothermia. Retrieved 19 February 2008. "3 - Diagnostic of Drowning in Forensic Medicine" (PDF). Retrieved 11 November 2009.

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, James. "A new definition of drowning: towards documentation and prevention of a global public health problem". A drowning person may cling to the rescuer and try to pull himself out of the water, submerging the rescuer in the process. When water enters the larynx or trachea, both conscious and unconscious persons experience laryngospasm, in which the vocal cords constrict, sealing the airway. Retrieved "unicef Says Injuries A Fatal Problem For Asian Children". American College of Emergency Physicians Press Release. Retrieved 29 December 2010. 9 It accounts for 7 of all injury related deaths, with more than 90 of these deaths occurring in developing countries. Archived from the original on Retrieved "Traffic Accidents Top Cause Of Fatal Child Injuries". Positive end-expiratory pressure will generally improve oxygenation. Archived from the original (PDF) on Retrieved b "Drowning". "Drowning in fresh or salt water". The reflex action is automatic and allows both a conscious and an unconscious person to survive longer without oxygen under water than in a comparable situation on dry land. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society.

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The WHO further recommended that outcomes should be classified as: death, morbidity, and no morbidity. "Field Management of Accidental Hypothermia during Diving". "Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Drowning". Citation needed After a successful approach, negatively buoyant objects such as a weight belt are removed. 32 Cold water immersion edit Submerging the face in water cooler than about 21 C (70 F) triggers the diving reflex, common to air-breathing vertebrates, especially marine mammals such as whales and seals. Neurological examination at the time of discharge from hospital does not accurately predict long term outcomes. A b Staff (23 September 2014). A b Idris, AH (2003). The Alliance for Safe Children. Merck Manuals Professional Edition.

suomi 24 chat rakel liekki alastonkuvat